Hyoyeon's face change

<div>Hyoyeon's face change</div>

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March 25, 2015


Pann: Hyoyeon got so much prettier

1. [+146, -59] ?

2. [+102, -42] Power of plastic surgery!
3. [+100, -55] For Hyoyeon, her eyebrow change was god's work
4. [+49, -1] Hyoyeon deserves to get prettier... Since debut, she was called 'Hyork' ㅠㅠ She was even thinking of leaving SNSD and study in China ㅠㅠ
5. [+38, -7] For Soneroaches that are denying the reality

6. [+37, -5] I know that her eyebrows did wonders but she got work done, too ㅋㅋ I'm not bashing her plastic surgery but I don't understand why Soshi fans deny Hyoyeon's plastic surgery and only mention her eyebrows... It's true that the fans ruin the singer's image
7. [+28, -3] Hyoyeon is really daebak. I really like her current face. She's pretty with blond hair and the way she talks is likable ㅋㅋ

8. [+24, -9] Am I the only one who notices this? It's not the eyebrows, it's the jaw... I think she got pretty by her new jaw, not her eyebrows