GOT7 Unlock Angst-Filled Music Video For Their 'MAD' Comeback

<div>GOT7 Unlock Angst-Filled Music Video For Their &#039;MAD&#039; Comeback</div>

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(Photo : JYP Entertainment Legit YouTube)
JYP Entertainment"s wildly popular seven-member boy group, GOT7, is back with an angst-filled tune video that"s certain to set fans" hearts a-flutter.
After teasing lovers for over a week with a string of lovely shots and angsty videos, GOT7 has after all released the overall edition in their new tune video for the lead track off their new EP, "MAD."
The track, entitled, "If You Do," turned into once produced via Black Eyed Pilseung, the talented composition duo made up of Rado and Choi Kyusung accountable for such hits as 4Minute"s "Volume Up," A Pink"s "HUSH," Problem Maker"s "Trouble Maker" and "Now," and SISTAR"s "Touch My Body."
Staying true to their word, GOT7 has stepped clear of the colorful, feel-good vibe that made their closing release, "Just Right," so popular, via embracing the darker, more mature idea they promised would set "If You Do" with the exception in their old work.
With a song that describes the pain of loving an apathetic woman who spends her time living at the flaws of her boyfriend, GOT7 are surely appearing off other personas as the video for "If You Do" is filled with angry men, unfavourable behavior, robust dancing and best possible bias hair.
For the ones lovers that experience been looking ahead to the day GOT7 set apart the lovely and cocky ideas to include an angsty bad-boy image, that day is here.
Be certain to take a look at the video below!