GOT7 갓세븐 Unveils videos “If You Do” with Mark and JB teasers

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GOT7 갓세븐 Unveils videos “If You Do”…
GOT7 continue to prepare little by little their return.
Don’t forget September 29, the comeback of the male group from JYP Entertainment will be with “MAD”.
A few days ago boys revealed precisely on this occasion some teasers photos where the group appears in full.

September 20, less than ten days before the release of “MAD”, the GOT7 returned us in force with several photos and videos teasers to delight fans of the group, and in particular those of Mark and JB.
This two video, in slightly different environments, allowing us to distinguish a little melody of their new title song, which should probably be called “If You Do”.
Meanwhile, “MAD” will be available September 29, so stay tuned on Ktide. What do you think of these first videos teasers of the GOT7?