Girls' Generation Yuri Shows Femme Fatale Transformation is Deadly Sexy

onto Girls' Generation

Girls' Generation member Yuri has transformed into a sexy femme fatale woman.
On October 20th, Yuri uploaded two photos onto her Instagram with the caption, "November's Cosmopolitan."
In the photos, Yuri is preparing for her photo shoot, and is wearing heavy make-up. She looks as if she's satisfied with her appearance, and looks lax in the photo. She shows off her wavy hair, prominent nose, her V-line chin, and flawless white skin in this photo that highlights her mature beauty.Like Us on Facebook :
What's most noteworthy are her intense eye makeup and bright red lipstick, which focus on her sexy image, and is the finishing touch to her femme fatale transformation.
Upon seeing the mysterious and seductive photo of Yuri, internet users commented, "Yuri's femme fatale transformation matches her," "Her transformation looks so sexy," "Yuri's femme fatale look is eye-catching. It's very sexy," and the like.
Photo credit: Yuri's Instagram