Girls' Generation to Make a Comeback on the Middle of this Month

<div>Girls' Generation to Make a Comeback on the Middle of this Month</div>

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The ladies of Girls' Generation are expected to make their return this month. News has finally been released regarding about their return and the girls are looking middle of this month to make their comeback.Like Us on Facebook
News media Ilgan Sports featured a report which a representative from their agency said, "The album recording and production is finished for the most part and at the earliest, [Girls' Generation] will make a comeback mid-January but the exact date has not been set yet."
So there is not yet a specific date confirmed on when the ladies will make their comeback. For now, just know that sometime in the middle of this month is when the ladies are returning. Also during "SMTOWN WEEK," information was also found out that their music video is all "completed." Fans truly cannot wait for the ladies return.
So stay with KpopStarz as we will give you more information regarding about their return.
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