Girl's Day Sojin Joins Instagram, Gives Fans an Inside Look at the Group's Comeback

<div>Girl's Day Sojin Joins Instagram, Gives Fans an Inside Look at the Group's Comeback</div>

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(Photo : @ssozi_sojin) The new year has only just begun, but Girl's Day fans are pumped for the group's first comeback of the year, a new single "Something" and their third mini-album Everyday 3, released today (January 3).Like Us on Facebook
Now they have another way to keep up to date on the group's activities - leader Sojin's new Instagram account!
On January 2, as the release clock wound down on Girl's Day's latest album project, Sojin took to her Twitter account to share her latest venture into the world of social media with her followers.
"I want to try Instagram, too... :)" she tweeted along with a screenshot of one of her first posts on the popular picture-sharing app.
In less than 24 hours she has gained well over 13,000 followers, a number that is increasing at a very rapid rate.
Among Sojin's first uploads to Instagram, two happy-looking selfies of herself in a striped top and two of the official concept photos for Girl's Day's latest comeback.
So far Sojin has only started following a couple dozen people, but many western celebrities are counted among them - Beyonce, Paris Hilton, Miranda Kerr, Victoria Beckham, Naomi Campbell, and Selena Gomez to name a few. Big Bang leader and prolific Instagrammer G-Dragon also made his way into Sojin's initial list.
Like many other K-Pop idols on Instagram, Sojin will be using her account to stay in touch with fans - to share glimpses into her personal and professional lives and to keep everyone up-to-date on her latest projects with and without the other Girl's Day members.
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