G-Dragon 권지용 gives his friend Lee Soo hyuk 이수혁 a fabulous gift


GD 권지용 and Lee Soo-hyuk 이수혁 shown to be #friendshipgoals (the goals of friendship)….Yesterday 30th,Lee Soo-hyuk published a photo on his Instagram with the caption: “THANK you GD!”

You can see the shoes of G-Dragon…. The two pairs are the product of the collaboration of G-Dragon with Zanotti.

The shoes reflect your designer; they are bright, elegant and fashionable. G-Dragon reconfirmed his close friendship with Lee Soo hyuk deputy through your personal gift.
Meanwhile, Lee Soo Hyuk will be starring in the drama of OCN, “Neighborhood Hero” as Choi Kyu Chan, a man who constantly fails in the official examination of police.
BIGBANG will continue until the next year, touring 15 countries for around 70 concerts in order to meet with 1,400,000 fans.