f(x) Preparing for a Comeback?

f(x) Preparing for a Comeback?

onto f(x) Preparing for a Comeback?

f(x)’s Victoria hinted at an f(x) comeback!
On March 29, Victoria, who stars with Peter Ho in the Chinese drama Beautiful Secret, took part in a cast media interview where she addressed the press on why her Mandarin skills aren’t as sharp as they should be despite her being Chinese.

Frankly speaking, I feel more stressed out when filming in China. Although Mandarin is my mother tongue, I have stayed in Korea for a relatively long time. The emphasis of pronunciations in Korean and Mandarin is different, so I myself also feel that my Mandarin is not clear enough. When I say my lines in Mandarin, sometimes I feel like I have to put in a lot of effort and place special emphasis on the ending tones, so I usually do enough homework the night before. Because my main activities are in Korea, although I feel close and comfortable about the language after coming back, I still feel nervous and afraid that I might say the wrong things.

The media then asked about her activities to where she mentioned an f(x) comeback is in the works, but she did not state when the comeback would occur. SM Entertainment has yet to address her comments.
An f(x) comeback would be interesting this time around since their “Red Light” comeback was cut short due to Sulli’s illness. Soon after the illness report, news came out that Sulli and Choiza have been dating. With the shortened comeback, Sulli has been the target of ire on various levels including her choice to act in a drama and not promote with f(x). Plus, let’s not forget the fanclub meltdown.
Hopefully this time, all the members will stick with the promotions. If the comeback news is true (it has to be since the news did come from the leader), then this negates some of the rumors floating around the K-Net sphere that Krystal would leave f(x) because of her sister, former SNSD-member, Jessica.
Are you excited for a potential f(x) comeback? We are, but we hope the comeback comes with a fandom name this time!

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