FT Island′s Min Hwan is Willing to Date Publicly If Girlfriend Wants It

onto FT Island

FT Island′s Min Hwan brought up the topic of a girlfriend.

On March 27, Min Hwan appeared as a guest on KBS Cool FM′s Jang Dong Min and Lady Jane′s Two O′clock, where he talked about dating.

When Jang Dong Min asked if he had a girlfriend, Min Hwan replied, "Does it seem like I do or not?"

He then added, "Even if I did, I wouldn′t say I do, for her."

Lady Jane then asked, "What if she wants you to reveal it?" Min Hwan replied, "Then I′ll reveal it then. I think the fans will like that better too."

Jang Dong Min then pointed out the fans watching, saying, "The fans outside say they won′t."

Making everyone laugh, Min Hwan said, "Ah.... then I shouldn′t reveal it."

FT Island recently released its fifth album I Will on March 25.