Flaws in Suzy's body

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<div>Flaws in Suzy's body</div>

March 22, 2015


Pann: Flaws in Suzy's body

Narrow pelvis

Flat butt

Tall height but with short legs


1. [+484, -111] Her body is much worse than I thought
2. [+425, -362] I don't really like her face, either
3. [+237, -335] Why does it matter? The god was being fair and didn't give Suzy a good body for giving her a pretty face and personalities. It's not like she's a model. She's pretty with good singing skills and personalities
4. [+160, -26] I don't think she has short legs

5. [+155, -13] I'm sure your body has flaws everywhere

6. [+153, -9] Jealous much? What fat legs?