Fans Happy for Former T-ARA Member Hwayoung… Why?

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Former T-ARA member Hwayoung revealed what she's been up to lately, and people in the online community raised their (online) voices in support of her.
On October 23rd, Hwayoung uploaded a photo onto her Twitter with the caption, "I got my skin SCUBA diving license. I'm going to work hard."
In the photo, Hwayoung caught a fish and is holding it up by the line. The weather looks very clear and her smile is like that of the sea. Seeing Hwayoung energetically holding up this fish was heartwarming for the netizens.Like Us on Facebook :
It seems as if the people in the online community are happy for Hwayoung and hope that the past hurt caused by the bullying controversies will be healed soon. They hope that through Hwayoung's relaxed lifestyle she will find peace in her heart and be able to take another step forward.
People in the online community commented on this news of her whereabouts, "Hwayoung's current state is so good," "Hwayoung, have strength," and "Forget about the this and thats of your past and look forward to your future. Thanks for letting us know what you've been up to."
Photo credit: Hwayoung's Twitter