Dating pictures of Suzy and Lee Minho

Dating pictures of Suzy and Lee Minho

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March 23, 2015


Pann: Dating pictures of Suzy and Lee Minho


1. [+400, -249] Suzy was getting by her image and she's caught at a hotel with Lee Minho??? There goes her image

2. [+323, -44] Fangirls won't leave the fandom. Looking at the reactions, a bunch of fanboys are leaving the fandom

3. [+247, -372] I love you Suzy. Don't listen and don't look. Oppa will protect you from SM fans

4. [+140, -25] I'm a fan of Suzy. It's shocking but Suzy should date. I hope no one turns their back and bashes her. I'm not into Lee Minho but I cheer them both!

5. [+133, -62] I can see SM fans and SM idols being happy ㅋㅋ Suzy's popularity was dominating them but now they must be excited for this chance

6. [+128, -19] Suzy's popularity might shake but she'll still be popular. Her boyfriend is Lee Minho, I hope both do well!

7. [+120, -2] Do you think they're the only ones dating ㅋㅋ