Dara Collaborates with Indie Artist Sunwoo Jung-ah

Dara Collaborates with Indie Artist Sunwoo Jung-ah

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Dara Collaborates with Indie Artist Sunwoo Jung-ah Written by Rachel On March 25, 2015
After branching off into acting, 2NE1 member Dara has continued to pursue unique solo activities. Her latest side project took her to the indie music scene, where she teamed up with friend and singer-songwriter Sunwoo Jung-ah (Sunwoo Jeong-a) to film her music video.
Sunwoo Jung-ah is very well-known in the Korean independent music genre, and her agency Magic Strawberry Sound announced that Dara would star in the music video for the digital single “Spring Girls.”
Even though she is an indie artist, Sunwoo Jung-ah also has ties to YG Entertainment and 2NE1, with many regarding her as a hit composer. The artist has helped produce songs and albums for musicians at YG, including four tracks for Lee Hi’s album; she even wrote and composed 2NE1’s “It Hurts.”
Sunwoo Jung-ah got to know Dara through her work with YG Entertainment and personally asked her to be in the music video for “Spring Girls.” The artist plans to promote her song with concerts, including appearances at Mapo Art Center in April and the Seoul Jazz Festival in May.
To get a feel for her music, check out her video for “Korean Crow Tit.”

And if you liked that, check out her video for “The Song of Hero.”

Look forward to the release of “Spring Girls” on March 27! And after that, check out Dara’s web drama Dr. Ian which will air March 29 on Naver TV Cast!
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Actress Seo Min Ji has been confirmed to star alongside WINNER’s Nam Tae Hyun in “Midnight’s Girl,” MBC Every1’s first-ever web drama series.“Midnight’s Girl” is about aspiring superstar Gong Ji Dan (played by Nam Tae Hyun) who comes to manage a karaoke, an opportunity that helps him mature as a singer.Seo Min Ji will play the role of mysterious part-time worker Sera who helps Nam Tae Hyun grow as a singer.“Midnight’s Girl” is Nam Tae Hyun’s acting debut while Seo Min Ji has appeared in dramas “Golden Cross” and “Perseverance Goo Hae Ra” and the film “The Girl from Ipanema.