Changmin and Kyuhyun transform into wooden horses!

Changmin and Kyuhyun transform into wooden horses!

onto Changmin and Kyuhyun transform into wooden horses!

To start the year of wooden horse, TVXQ and Super Junior have special gift for you!A hilarious photo of Changmin and Kyuhyun wearing horse costume has been uploaded through SMTOWN GLOBAL's twitter account with a caption,"2014 is the year of wooden horse. Check out our New Year’s gift, a photo of #TVXQ! MAX and #SuperJunior KYUHYUN." The best of friends posed as horses lifting their hands like that of horse's front feet. Fans commented, "So funny! These two are legit dorks!","Oh perfect parody!","I've never seen handsome horses like these two.." and so on.Did you like the gift? What handsome horses for this year! Which horse do you like the most?
Happy Wooden Horse year everyone!

BADA updated her Twitter on 2nd January with new photos.
She wrote,"Please watch Immortal Songs which will be aired on 4th January."
She is seen posing with Hyolyn and Ailee in the waiting room.
She then added,"It has been a while, everyone is busy so it's hard for us to meet. Happy New Year everyone, hope that everything is good in 2014!"BADA, Hyolyn and Ailee will appear on Immortal Songs airing on 4th January.

It seems we will be able to see Hwayoung comeback soon
Recently an online community uploaded a few photos of Hwayoung with the title,"Hwayoung prepares for comeback album?". This has attracted much attention from netizen since they're curious whether she was filming a music video for herself or for another singer.
On January 2nd, Wellmade STARM Entertainment said,"Hwayoung was filming a music video for another singer which will have a comeback soon"
Hwayoung recently signed an exclusive contract with Wellmade STARM Entertainment which is the company of Lee Jong Suk, Oh Yeon Seo... and will focus on her acting career.

B1A4 revealed through official website the teaser photos of their 2nd full length album "Who Am I".
The title of their upcoming hit song is "Lonely". The 6 released photos include 1 group photo and 5 individual pictures.
B1A4 will reveal the video teaser of Lonely on 3rd January while the album release date is set on 13th January.

Dal Shabet surprise fans with the release of the sexy teaser images of their upcoming hit song titled "B.B.B" (Big Baby).The girls will go for a more mature image with their comeback to celebrate 3rd anniversary since debut.Check out the individual photos of the members below, the full MV is expected to be released on 8th January.

Girl's Day releases the teaser photo of member Yura.
Yura leaves fans in awe with her sexy teaser photo, she showcases her curvy figure with her teaser picture. Fans commented,"Yura is so sexy","Nosebleed" and etc.
Meanwhile, Girl's Day will release their new track on 3rd January.

2 days before Girl's Day's comeback, the girls continue to tease with another set of concept photos for "Something".The girls pose elegantly in the photos shown and show off their charisma with cool expressions.Have a look at the individual photos below, whose photo is your favorite?

To celebrate New Year, Rain shared with fans a new photo of himself on a mountain.
On January 1st, he tweeted,"Happy New Year...Before the album release tomorrow, I went to the top of the mountain, just like its spirit. It's an opening for a happy 2014"
In the photo, he was wearing a mountain suit while standing on top of a rock, behind him was a fantastic view that you can only see from top of a mountain.
In addition,"Rain Effect" album will be released on January 2nd.

A new photo of SHINee on their way to work has attracted much attention.
On December 31st, Key updated his instagram,"How did we go to work 출 to the 근" and uploaded along with a photo.
The boys were seen wearing large padding jumpers in the photo, and they were all carrying their own mic stand which are the equipment for "Dream Girl" stage on MBC Gayo Daejejeon.
Netizen commented,"At first I thought they were staffs","SHINee is so cute","SHINee stage yesterday was awesome", and so on

Davichi's Kang Minkyung updated her Twitter on 31st December with some new photos.The photos were updated before Davhichi's concert, Minkyung shared some photos taken at the backstage showing off her new hairstyle.Fans commented,"You look pretty with short hair","Goddess Minkyung","Good luck with your performance" and etc.What do you think of her new hairstyle?

Girls' Generation visited "Prime Minister and I" filming set.
On December 30th, through SM Entertainment official twitter account, a group photo of Girls' Generation was released with caption,"Girls' Generation supports Yoona's drama "Prime Minister and I". It was revealed that the girls also made a visit to the filming set on 29th. Even though it was on the same day as SBS Gayo Daejun but they still managed to make an appearance to cheer for Yoona.
Netizen comment,"They have such a close sisterhood","They all look beautiful","The staff must be so happy", and so on.

2 days before Girl's Day's official comeback, Minah teases with her concept photo.She is seen in all black outfits, wearing shorts and black top to show off her slim figure.Fans commented,"Minah is so sexy","That high heels" and etc.Girl's Day will release the full MV of "Something" on 3rd January.

Song Ji Hyo is really called the "Ace of Running Man" for a good reason.
In the latest episode of "Running Man" aired on December 29th, with the theme "Running Man vs Production Team", together they carried out one of the most difficult missions from then till now: they had to pull out 24 stacks from a 7-meter Jenga block without its collapsing, and Song Ji Hyo was chosen to be the one to stay on top of it.
There was a moment when the other members were discussing, maybe because of waiting for too long, she got tired and then was spotted sleeping on top of the block. The other members were all shocked and even worried if something happened to her, caused Yoo Jae Suk to say,"No matter how tired she is, how could she fall asleep at a place like that?"
In addition, Song Ji Hyo won Female High Excellence at 2013 SBS Entertainment Awards on December 30th.

Girls' Generation's Sooyoung won the "Rookie MC Award" at SBS Entertainment awards held on 30th December.She attended the ceremony in an elegant white dress, garnering much attention with her slim figure. Check out her winning speech below.
Photos from the event.

To commemorate 1 million album sales, EXO rewards fans with a "coffee truck" event.
On December 30th, MBC has pre-recording for MBC Gayo Daejejeon and there are many fans waiting outside MBC Dream Center in Ilsan, Gyeonggi-do. Because of the cold weather, EXO provided fans free coffee and tea through a truck.
However the thing that is interesting is the creative menu, EXO members names were mixed with the name of the drinks, we have something like Barley Chanyeol. Ameri-Kaino, Mill-Kris, DOlatte, Hot Tao, Citron Chen, Lay Tea, Luhan-zelnut, Xiumin Milk, Peach Sehun, Lemon red Baekhyun, Herb Suho. They also gave sweets packed with photos which came along with the drinks, recevied hot responses from the fans.
SM Entertainment said,"We prepared this event to thank to all the fans who came to cheer for EXO in this cold weather. We want to express our appreciation to everyone who have always been supporting them through this small event"

Rain revealed concept photo for his 6th album "Rain Effect".
The title of his new song is "30SEXY".
As mentioned in the title, he showcases the sexiness of a 30 year old man.
Meanwhile, Rain will release his new album on 6th January.

Girls' Generation's Yuri updated her Instagram on 29th December with a new photo.
The photo was posted a few hours before Girls' Generation's performance on the show.
Fans commented,"Yuri unnie is so pretty","Gorgeous Yuri","Girls' Generation is the best" and etc.

On December 28th, a backstage photo of all the staff and the cast of movie "Tazza2" was revealed.
T.O.P and Shin Se Kyung were spotted in the photo. There are also some familiar faces like Kim In Kwon, Kwak Do Won, Park Hyo Joo, Go Soo Hee and Yoo Hae Jin.
"Tazza 2" is the second part of the popular movie "Tazza: The High Rollers" which was released on 2006 and attracted 7 million viewers. The story is about in the second part is about a love story fulls of obstacles between Ham Dae Gil (T.O.P) and Heo Mi Na ( Shin Se Kyung).
The movie started filming in December and will be released in 2014.

Girls' Generation's Yuri updates fans with a funny photo.
She uploaded the photo above on 28th December. Fans commented after seeing the photo,"Manly Yuri","So funny","So random unnie" and etc.
What do you think of this photo?

T-Ara's charity event achieved a great success.
On December 24th, the girls held a charity event by selling different personal items such as their stage costumes and accessories, other artists also donated their personal stuffs for the event like Davichi, Ha Seok Jin, Hwang Jung Um and Son Ho Jun.
According to a representative, one of the items which worthed 3 million on was a Cameron diamond ring and was purchased by a Japanese fan who attended the event.
T-Ara gained a total of 12,5 million won from selling all the items and they donated directly 2,5 million won on the same day. The remaining 10 million won they will donate it for Sharing Campaign which is organized by The Red Cross "Hope Windmill" by attending an event on December 27th.
The girls said,"We can end the year warmly all thanks to everyone who participated in this event, we also want to say thank you to all the people who helped us to prepare for the event"