BTS open up their official Weibo account

BTS open up their official Weibo account

onto Korean SNS

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BTS announced the opening of their official Weibo account! Now Chinese fans have another way to access all the BTS updates to their hearts” content.
The boys uploaded a video onto their official Twitter in which they speak in Chinese to their fans overseas, using charm and general cuteness to ask for a lot of followers. You know you want to follow them!
Check out their Weibo here.
#방탄소년단 공식 웨이보를 오픈하였습니다! (짝짝짝) #防弹少年团 大家好, 我们是防弹少年团!” (鼓掌)
— BTS_official (@bts_bighit) March 24, 2015
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F.T. ISLAND - "I WILL"Track List:1. Intro2. PRAY 3. Black Chocolate4. BPM695. Do You Know Why?6. Hey Girl7. To The Light8. Time To9. Shadow10. Please11. LightAfter more than a year"s hiatus, F.T. Island dropped their new album "I Will." Known as a band that plays its own instruments, they"ve done one better on this album: they composed and wrote the tunes as well. I"m not really a Primadonna in any way, shape or form; the only thing I knew them from was an appearance in AOA Black"s MV "MOYA. Via ohupic

A press conference was held in regards to a recent rumor and allegations of trot king Tae Jin Ah gambling away hundreds of millions of won during his trip to Los Angeles and Las Vegas. In response to the initial report, Tae Jin Ah had quickly came forward and denied the rumors. Then, when Sisa Journal USA stated that they will be releasing a follow-up article, Tae Jin Ah decided to hold a press conference in an attempt to defuse the rumors. Throughout the press conference, the singer continued to claim innocence while appealing to people"s emotions. Via ohupic

Actor Kim Bum will be marking his return to acting with tvN’s upcoming crime drama entitled “Hidden Identity.”A representative of the star’s agency revealed on March 24, “Kim Bum has been cast for the role of Cha Kun Woo in ‘Hidden Identity.’ Please look forward to his new project.”The actor will be playing Cha Kun Woo, an extremely talented detective investigating violent crimes. After graduating from the police academy in just two years, Cha Kun Woo completed his military service in the Naval Special Warfare Brigade (SEAL), and finally ended up in the respected SWAT team. Via ohupic

Actor Ji Hyun Woo didn’t let shadows hide his handsome face and charisma.The popular actor, who was recently cast in the upcoming drama “Angry Mom,” modeled for a pictorial in the fashion magazine Elle.Although the photo shoot kept things minimalistic in black and white, Ji Hyun Woo used shadows to his advantage to create a masculine and mysterious theme for the photos.Ji Hyun Woo will play the character “Park No Ah,” a sweet and gently literary teacher.See Also:Fashion Recap of “Angry Mom” Press Conference: Kim Hee Sun, Baro, Kim Yoo Jung, and More! “Angry Mom” Character Posters for Rebellious Kim Hee Seon and Sweet Ji Hyun Woo Are Revealed Kim Hee Sun, Ji Hyun Woo, and Others Confirmed for MBC’s School Drama “Angry Mom” Related Via ohupic

Adorable actress Nam Ji Hyun appeared on tvN"s "Taxi" on March 24 for its special on intelligent actresses, so of course the MCs threw a question about "What"s With This Family" co-star Hyungsik at her considering the two had immense chemistry. When she was asked, "You came out as a couple with Hyungsik, so are there lingering feelings?" like the iceberg to Titanic, she shot down the ship with, "We really got close. Near the end, he started to feel like a brother to me." Well, then.