Block B's Management Eyes Sexual Harassment Lawsuit In Response To Lee Yoo Rin's Jaehyo One-Night Stand Fantasy

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When news of adult stage actress and blogger Lee Yoo Rin, expressing her desire to have a one-night stand with Block B singer Jaehyo reached the band's management at Seven Seasons, the company executives were apparently none too pleased.
In a scathing statement issued on Monday, hours after the story gained traction in the South Korean media, the Seven Seasons reps blasted Lee for posting the sexy fantasy to her blog, saying that the incident left the Block B singer confused.
"Jaehyo just read [Lee Yoo Rin's blog] and is very taken aback," the Seven Seasons statement read, according to the website allkpop.Like Us on Facebook :
"He said that while he feels sorry for Lee Yoo Rin, he doesn't know who she is at all."
The management company vowed to pursue any course of action available to them to prevent similar incident, and claimed they are considering filing a sexual harassment lawsuit against Lee.
"We think of [Lee's blog post] as sexual harassment, but do not know what course of action to take," the statement read. "We are even thinking about taking legal action. We believe she is using Jaehyo to gain publicity in the theater."
The post that landed the actress in hot water with the Seven Seasons brass was posted earlier this month in the form of a whimsical fame fantasy.
"Sometimes, I think about this; I want to have a one-night-stand with Block B's Jaehyo. Good-looking men make me happy," Lee wrote.
"When I become famous, will I be able to meet a man like that? I'm just an unknown actress. Having a crush is my freedom. Whether I'm crushing or imagining a sexual relationship with Jaehyo, or liking a male celebrity, I'm not stalking them and just liking them in my heart."
An adult stage actress best known in South Korea for her blog posts about contemplating suicide after for her boyfriend broke it off because of her risqué performances, Lee is also known for suddenly beginning to undress a male co-star onstage in what was apparently an unplanned move during a particularly titillating portion of an adult-themed stage production, according to the publication eNEWS.
But the actress reported being broadsided by the avalanche of publicity and online vitriol after she posted of her desire to have a sexual fling with the Block B singer.
"I apologize for expressing my feeling towards a certain celebrity and hurting the fans of that celebrity," Lee wrote in a blog post on Monday published before Block B's management company threw down the gauntlet.
"I never knew it would become such a huge issue, since I'm just an unknown theatrical actress...I was just saying I liked a celebrity. I just saw this morning that it was number one on the real-time searches. It was never my intention to hurt anyone."