Block B Park Kyung's Song "When, Where, What, and How" Gaining Steam

<div>Block B Park Kyung's Song "When, Where, What, and How" Gaining Steam</div>

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Every week there is one song that people like to listen to or one that gains attention. The song for this week is from Block B's "When, Where, What, and How."
During the start of their 2013 with a contract termination lawsuit against their ex-label Stardom Entertainment, male group Block B have finally made their comeback this month by returning under a new agency with "Very Good."Like Us on Facebook :
Group Block B is one of Korea's little boy groups in the mainstream pop scene with a heavy hip hop as well as rap focus with high sound music as well as aggressive and energetic.
The song "When, Where, What, and How" is a solo track from member Park Kyung who is one of the rappers of the group. The song is also low-key, sparse with melody, as well as instrumental. Also, the song features sultry vocals from Jo Hyuna who is the main vocalist of Indie group Urban Zakapa which is a nice call as well as response with Park Kyung's singing which is really not his forte. Kyung's strength is rapping which has a nice flow as well as playful flair to it.
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