Bigbang's revolutions to music industry

<div>Bigbang's revolutions to music industry</div>


March 23, 2015


Pann: What Bigbang had left to the music industry

1. Lightstick

Bigbang's lightstick was the very first official lightstick

2. Stereotype

Bigbang proved wrong to the idol stereotype that "idols are untalented, they're products of a factory"

3. Style

GD's hairband, piercings, TOP's mint hair, Taeyang's reggae hair, etc

4. Hip-hop

Bigbang brought hip-hop to the mainstream

Lyrics by an underground rapper - "Now, Bigbang is the monster in the music industry"


1. [+214, -15] When G-Dragon wore a skirt for the first time, he was called gay and all sorts of insults but then so many idols started wearing a skirt...

2. [+198, -13] Bigbang is revolutionary ㅋㅋ They debuted when I was in elementary school and everybody liked Bigbang

3. [+196, -19] I'm glad that the public thinks this way. I can understand the criticisms but I was having a hard time with unnecessary curses. Thanks, OP!

4. [+139, -136] What Bigbang left to the music industry: Idol smoking weed, rising sun flag on the stage, first murder of idols, first sex scandal of idols, first curtain hairstyle of idols. Taeyang has nothing to be bashed

5. [+103, 12] Top 1, 2, and 3 songs on Melon are Lies, Haru Haru and Last Farewell. There's never a boy group that does so well digitally like this. Their album sales were also good so the experts chose Bigbang as the only group with good digital and physical sales. Music shows get 3% view ratings but when they had a comeback, it went up to 17%. It's still the highest. This is the power of the public

6. [+86, -4] There was an amazing time when the entire school was VIPs...