BEAST gives fans signed balls on their concert!

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BEAST gives fans signed balls on their concert!

BEAST shows their special fan service for solo concert.The group is having their solo concert on July 20-21. In preparation for this, the members gift their fans 1000 autographed balls each day which totals to 2000 balls for two days.On their previous concerts, BEAST gave out their personally-made slogans that made fans happy. For this time, BEAST are even more thoughtful as they gave out signed balls to make their fans happy once again,Meanwhile, BEAST receives an all-kill for the release of their song 'Shadow'. They are going to have their first live performance during the concert.

World's popular group Big Bang is going to hold a 6 Dome Tour in Japan making them the first ever foreign artist to do so.This big news was announced in G-Dragon's last "G-DRAGON 2013 WORLD TOUR: ONE OF A KIND IN JAPAN DOME SPECIAL" which was held in Nagoya on June 1 as a part of his Japan tour. All the members were also present at this concert to announce the news and greet their fans.Big Bang's 6 Dome Tour is going to include the 6 biggest domes in Japan. They are going to kick off their tour at Seibu Dome on November 16-17. Secondly at Kyocera Dome in Osaka on November 29 to December 1. It will continue on December 7-8 at Yahoo Dome in Fukuoka. Then, they will go back in Nagoya on December 14-15. Next is at Tokyo Dome on December 19-21. They will greet 2014 at Sapporo Dome on January 1 and complete their 6 Dome Tour at Kyocera Dome once again on January 11-12. All of these schedules will cover a total of 15 concerts for 6 cities and expected to be attended by 720,000 fans.So until then, fans can still support other members' individual activities.
Mark those dates on your calendar!Source: Extract relevant info from News Kstyle
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On June 2, CNBlue successfully concluded their scheduled concerts in Australia. 'Correspondent' Yonghwa updates fans and shared their overwhelming feelings. He wrote on their twitter account,"Everyone!!! At last we finished all the concerts in Australia! Today's Sydney!! It's really hot!kk Hello oh Sydney~kk It rained in Melbourne and Syndey. I like rain because it seems like rain gives me support! kk How about Korea? I enjoyed my stay in Sydney so now I'm going back! That would be all from correspondent Jung Yonghwa. Soryujilleo!!!! (it's not typo) kk ppyong!"Attached is a photo of them taken on stage with a bunch of BOICE in the background.Source: [email protected]

The much awaited concert of Psy is happening at this moment of time in Seoul at the World Cup Stadium. It is airing live at [email protected]

Before his concert, Psy posted on his twitter account and I quote, "I'm gonna dedicate something to @Beyonce in my concert tonight!! ;-)".
His fans are also expecting to hear his new single, Gentleman.

What would be Psy's dedication to Beyonce? Let's watch and know.
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Date : Sunday, June 3, 2012Time : 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM (Open Door : 5:00 PM)Location : Hall 105 BITEC BangnaPrice (Baht) : 5000 STAND / 4000 (STAND, SEAT) / 3000 (STAND, SEAT) / 2000 SEAT / 1200 SEAT / 800 SEATTicket Pre-Sale : Atrium 2 Siam Center on April 28, 2012Ticket Normal Sale : May 5, 2012 at ThaiTicketMajor : APP.ENTOfficial Twitter : Facebook : http://www.facebook....Loveydoveyinbkk:: Pre-Sale ::- Ticket Queue start at 8:00 AM- Ticket Pre-Sale start at 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM- 1 person can buy 5 tickets only- Cash only no credit cards!- Get the chance to win the fanmeet for price 5000, 4000 , 3,000 and 2,000 baht and pre-sale on April 28, 2012 only- Buy ticket on April 28, 2012 (Pre-Sale) get concert's poster, recieve it on May 19, 2012หมายเหตุ (Comment) :- Fan Meeting on June 2, 2012- Open Press Conference on June 2, 2012- AL and AR hold up to about 500 people- 5000 VIP STAND, 2000, 1500, 800 hold up to about 100 people per zone- Don't bring cameras and tablets to concerts- LED Banner A4 Size or less- Tickets are available for pick ups on 19 may 2012Credit: tiarathe1(พี่เบลนั่นเอง)/Thai-Ara fans/T-ara Lovey Dovey in BKK

The tickets for IU's concerts have sold out just 30 minutes after the reservation began.At 8pm today LOEN Entertainment opened reservations for tickets to IU's solo concerts "REAL FANTASY", which will be held on the 2nd and 3rd of June.As of now at 8:30pm, there are only 1-4 seats left. Only the A block has 20-60 seats left, showing the popularity of IU, the "nation's little sister".IU will have a 6-city national concerts tour, which will begin at The Grand Peace Palace in Kyunghee Univ, Seoul. These are her first solo concerts since her debut 4 years ago.Translation: Frappeno @ WeHeartIU.comSource: 

According to a Thai news, T-ara would have a Lovey Dovey concert in Bangkok. In June 2012, T-ara would hold their 1st Lovey Dovey concert which will be held in Bangkok, Thailand at Bitec Bangna. Pre-sale will be available on the 28, 2012. The prices of the tickets are said to be around 130USD, 97USD, 65USD, 40USD and 26USD. (4000THB, 3000THB, 2000THB, 1200THB, 800THB),This news is spreading on the internet and makes the Thai fans to be excited for the concert.Cr: tiaradiademWritten by: [email protected]

The Korean band JYJ will be in a pack theatre next Friday in an event which will make history as the first K-pop concert in our country.The juvenile band, which mixes pop, dance and R&B elementS, have only released two CD’s, but despite that they have many loyals fans, both in their natal Asia natal and in the rest of the world.From the 5.000 tickets on sale for the show, there are only about 300 tickets left, what shows JYJ’s power in Chile. Another proof of that is how frequently their CD singles are played in the radio and the media coverage JYJ’s visit has provoked.Last tickets available for the concert can be bought in Feriaticket. The price is 25 thousand pesos and they are platea and cancha tickets.Source: LaTerceraTranslated by: @Minhato

JYJ's concert ticket in Peru is officially sold out.The poster has a big watermark of sold out. Check it out below.
This just proves that the popularity of JYJ is rising and they are becoming more popular as time goes by.Source: Noizu Producciones FB
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Watch the fancams of T-ara when they performed in Davichi's : obizou2173 / zxc40411 @ yt

[Billboard Korea] This year's songs of 'On Rainy Days' 'Fiction' has made the big dreams of BEAST as Hallyu stars come true. And here comes their world tour. This year, by using United Cube Concert as the tittle, they went to the London, America, Japan, Brazil and others and came back to be known as global stars. Next year, starting from 4th of February in Seoul, in 21 cities around 14 countries and expected to bring in 200,000 audience, they'll be heading to Germany (Berlin), London, Spain, US (New York, LA, San Francisco), Canada (Vancouver, Toronto), Singapore, Japan (Tokyo, Nagoya, Kobe), Thailand (Bangkok), China (Shanghai), Taiwan, Indonesia, Hong Kong and the Philippines.It's not a surprising challenge though Beast are rookies at world tours. World star, Rain, debuted solo and took 4 years before having his own world tour and it's true that in fact they only take half in comparison, and also much faster than popular group, Super Junior, to be in Japan in 4 years. With this big plan taking up in big venues, it surprised themselves too. During the press conference on the 26th, at Lotte World in Seoul, BEAST said "last year, when we won the trophy as number 1 for the first time, people were making fun of us, saying 'what are you being as number 1'. But now, even being number 1 you don't have to stick a finger (T/N:blaming on someone). The opening of our first concert, there will sure be a lot of people making fun like 'what kind of solo concert is that'. I'm not blaming anyone. Today, we can eat in the insults but next year we'll also be taking the awards so that we can be the proud BEAST"BEAST's world tour will be called 'Beautiful Show'. The members are given the power to control from the production meetings to stage direction. To the large screens as well as the various video and lighting effects, 3D special effects will also be used. With 150 minutes used, to produce this dazzling stage is expected to take about 20billion won. Locally in Asia, Europe, North America as well as South America, this event will be reproduced the same.World Tour after 2 years of debut, this was so they could pursue with the 'spirit of pioneer' (T/N: the driven spirit to someone who opens up new areas of thought or development). Member Yong Junhyung said "BEAST first concert was also held during our early days. But we have to tackle and tolerate on many obstacles and prejudices. Although this idea of world tour is kind of sudden and 'panic', it should be this time that we should show off our 'pioneer spirit', that if you can be successful in this, you'll be able to hold on".This year, BEAST has been facing many challenges around the country and expresses their regrets on their stage environment. Member Yoon Doojoon stated that "London and Brazil are somewhat unfamiliar to K-Pop, as they are a country that really specialize in hip-hop. The feature songs and performances often do not fit with our colors. The projection of the stage are not provided (London), and we also can't set off fireworks (Brazil) thus, the stage direction was difficult".The 'K-Pop frenzy' is really going hard although not all countries in the world are giving response to this phenomenon. However, the K-Pop growth and potential it gives are noticeable. Yoon Doojoon optimistically said "It is true that the fans of K-Pop from every country are increasing. I've a friend living in Europe and (the interest in K-Pop) had been different than the previous years. Europe or Brazil seems most unlikely to give off that popularity. The beginning of it may seem weak but sooner or later it will able to catch up". Member Son Dongwoon said "If you wander off at the streets, many people tend to recognize. I think this is the foundation that our seniors have build. I believe if we work together, the light across is achievable".The dice is thrown. BEAST agreed that this world tour will be their one step in agreeing that they will grow. Member Jang Hyunseung said "This will be BEAST's opportunity to grow" and agreeing to it, Yoon Doojoon predicted "The water is already spilled. We'll come back with satisfactory achievements. This concert is the room for BEAST to grow. This could be the opportunity where it will show us to develop as singers".Eager Son Dongwoon then said that BEAST will hold on to their solid commitment, according to a quote of Helen Keller. "Helen Keller said 'nothing can change the fact, only I can.' We hope to achieve our best."CREDITS: Billboard (SOURCE); zapsaple @ B2ST RISING (TRANS)

111214 INFINITE 2012 First Concert in Korea. Ticket sales starts 12/14- Concert Name: 2012 INFINITE Concert - Time: 11 Feb 2012 (Sat) 6PM, 12 Feb 2012 (Sun), 5PM [day 2]- Venue: South Korea Olympic Park Handball Arena- Ticket Prices: Standing pits – 88,000 won, Fixed seatings – 88,000 won- Duration: 120 min- Organiser: Woollim Entertainment, CJ E&M- Co-orgniser: CJ E&M- 2011/12/14 8PM First Ticket Sales (Korea) INTERPARK website (English) INTERPARK website Note: To prevent black market selling, each person is entitled to maximum 4 tickets per transaction/booking.During booking, you are not allowed to use another person’s ID(For foreigners, if you encounter problems booking, please contact Woollim Ent’s hotline: T.02-335-4612)(For any enquiries related to purchasing of tickets, please contact INTERPARK’s hotline: T.1544-1555) Seating plan:cr: 官咖+INTERPARK @ baidu Shared by: @__cheonsanim (Cherriexb) Trans: @__cheonsanim (Cherriexb) TAKE OUT WITH FULL CREDITS

Mark your calendars and cancel all appointments – MTV Iggy’s throwing a unique and exciting global pop music event and making history on 12.12.11. It’s the culmination of a year-long program to find best new bands in the world, a reward for faithful and fanatical fans who voted ceaselessly for six weeks, and a dazzling display of the rich musical creativity that exists across nationalities…and everyone’s invited to the celebration!The multi-location, multi-platform event will feature four acts representing the vast breadth and depth of music talent, four symbols of a growing global music movement.Headliners 2NE1, the four fiercest ladies of K-pop, ride atop a Hallyu wave that’s growing into a pop culture tsunami. Venezuelan dance punkers La Vida Boheme twist the tropes of Western rock music, reawakening an anarchic joy long since lost. Jamaican sensation Gyptian’s devastatingly seductive croon carries the torch for reggae into the new century. And Malaysia’s folk pop darling Yuna combines an unforgettable voice and retro-glamorous looks into an iconic emblem of modern Muslim sensibilities.Hosted by MTV VJs Suchin Pak and Sway, MTV Iggy’s Best New Band concert will be simulcast on the MTV’s giant HD screen in Times Square and feature live backstage MTV Studio interviews, highlight reels, roving reporters, and interactions with fans in Times Square and online.The event is free to ticket holders. Enter by December 6th for a chance to witness it all in person. But we invite music lovers the world over to watch and participate! Details below:When: December 12th, 2011, from 4pm to 6pm US Eastern Standard TimeWhere on land: The Best Buy Theater in Times Square, MTV Studios, and MTV’s giant HD screen (which will also display fan tweets)Where online: Live streaming on (and the chance to chat and comment in the language of your choice via Ortsbo translation)Where on-the-go: The live stream will be viewable on iPads, iPhones, and all Android devicesCome celebrate MTV Iggy’s holiday global music present and watch us crown your pick for the best band in the world. The 2NE1st century begins on 12.12.11. Are you ready?Source: MTV Iggy Reposted by tazanya

Girls' Generation performs in Seoul as part of its 2011 Girls' Generation Tour on July 24th, 2011.Updated story with information from official press release:Running into the Sun, the production company responsible for Girls’ Generation’s concert in Singapore, announced that a second Girls’ Generation concert will be held on December 10th at 6:00 PM SGT at Singapore Indoor Stadium. This is in addition to the girls’ originally scheduled performance on December 9th at 8:00 PM SGT, also at Singapore Indoor Stadium.“We’re over the moon that the girls are able to perform a second night here as we understand
there are many fans who might not have gotten their tickets,” said Beatrice Chia-Richmond,
Managing Director and Creative Director of Running Into The Sun, “with the additional show on
10 Dec, we hope this will give fans a greater opportunity to watch the concert and deter anyone
from purchasing tickets from the black market.”Girls' Generation performs in Seoul as part of its 2011 Girls' Generation Tour on July 24th, 2011.According to the October 30th press release from Running into the Sun, the most popular tickets were located in the mosh pit, which is in the middle of the stage and holds 2,000 people who will get to see the girls up close. SISTIC, the ticket seller for both concerts, shows that each day is sold out. Tickets had gone on sale on November 2nd through the 3rd for Samsung mobile and tablet customers and OCBC debit and credit cardmembers, and to the general public on November 4th. Tickets were $218 SGD for the terrace and mosh pit, and $168 SGD for the balcony, plus a $3 SGD SISTIC charge.“Based on the feedback received on Facebook and Twitter, along with the dozens of calls and
emails we receive every day, we expect sales of the tickets to move swiftly,” said Chia-Richmond in a Running into the Sun press release dated October 20th.Running into the Sun, SM Entertainment, Conceptual, and Dream Maker are responsible for running the concerts, which are sponsored by Samsung, OCBC Bank, and F&N Sparkling Drinks.“We are committed to providing consumers with the ability to enjoy a complete entertainment
experience anywhere, whether at home or on-the-go with Samsung’s range of smart devices
including smartphones, tablets and Smart TVs. To complement this, we are excited to bring the
latest pop acts to our customers,” said Ms Irene Ng, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at
Samsung Asia Pte Ltd. “Earlier this year, Samsung co-presented the most popular Korean boy
band, Super Junior, for their first solo concert in Singapore. Now, to reward our customers for
their loyal support for the year, we are thrilled to present the first solo concert for Asia’s top girl
group from Korea, Girls’ Generation.”“The production
quality we’ll see at the concert will be top-notch, and along with the superb performance by the
girls, we’re sure the show will be nothing short of spectacular,” said Chia-Richmond.Both concerts are expected to last for three hours, and will feature sexily choreographed dance moves, laser beams, LED screens, trapezes, and elevated platforms. Two stages and three passageways will be set up for the girls to perform and walk on, and these will allow concertgoers to see the girls from all angles during solo and group performances.Girls' Generation performs in Seoul as part of its 2011 Girls' Generation Tour on July 24th, 2011.Earlier story:It has been announced that Girls’ Generation will be holding a second concert in Singapore.According to Channel NewsAsia, Girls’ Generation will hold another concert on December 10th at 6:00 PM at Singapore Indoor Stadium, one day after their initial concert on December 9th. All 5,500 tickets for the December 9th concert, also at Singapore Indoor Stadium, was sold out four hours after going on sale. Tickets for the December 10th show are sold out as well.While the December 9th show starts at 8:00 PM, the December 10th show will start two hours earlier at 6:00 PM to accommodate teenage fans who need to take the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) home.Tickets for the December 9th concert were all purchased by priority customers, before they could go on sale to the general public. Prices ranged from S$168 for balcony and partially-restricted seats to S$218 for terrace and moshpit seats. The cost for the concert is estimated to be S$1.8 million, making it the most expensive K-Pop concert to be held in Singapore.To read about the announcement of Girls’ Generation’s first Singapore concert date, go here.Source: Running into the Sun, Channel NewsAsia, Yahoo! Singapore
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Singer Lim Jeong Hee will be Brian McKnight's special guest on his concert.Brian McKnight will be having a concert at Jamsil Indoor Stadium on November 26. He will share the stage with singer Lim Jeong Hee and perform a duet with the Korean singer. Brian McKnight will go to Korea to celebrate the release of his 14th album "Just Me". Lim Jeong Hee said "It's a great honor to be standing on the same stage with world singer Brian Mcknight. Expect great things from his passionate performances." Lim Jeong Hee once participated on KBS2 Immortal Song and was praise for her great vocals. Fans exclaimed that they are excited to see the two singers performance. Source: enews24 Written by: [email protected]

Thanks for Running in to The Sun and Conceptual, Daily Kpop News is honored to be able to cover The 1st SHINee World Concert in Singapore. The five shining boys finally made their first concert in Singapore. The concert which was held at Singapore Indoor Stadium started around 6.00 pm. Even though the gate opened delayed about one hour from the scheduled time.SHINee who has been very busy in Japan arrived in Singapore right on the day they had their concert, Saturday 10 September 2011.SHINee who was already spent more than 3 years being a succesful contemporary band brought a lot of surprising event to every SHINee World in The 1st SHINee World Concert In Singapore.With extraordinary lighting, stage and of course their super performances, SHINee blew the fans right to the sky.About 6000 fans around the world, most likely people who lived in ASEAN countries, went to Singapore only for watching SHINee 1st Concert in Singapore and we bet they wouldn't regret their decision since SHINee brought the best to their fans.Right when the Concert started, the lighting dimed, all the fans waved their pearl aqua light stick on the air and screamed for SHINee. It was overwhelming moment with all the people and the love for SHINee in the air.SHINee sang 29 songs from their album which are SHINee World, Senorita, Get Down, Amigo, Julliette, Hello, Your Name, Stand By Me, Love Still Goes on, Taemin's solo ( Boy Meets Girl), Minho's Solo (Oh My God), Jonghyun's solo ( Lost Love), Key's Solo ft Taemin (My first kiss), A-yo, Romantic, Obsession, Life, Onew's Solo (Nessun Dorma), Korean lullaby, Replay, Love Like Oxygen, Ring Ding Dong, Up and Down, Ready or Not, Lucifer, Jojo,and One.With 3 huge LCD screen, every fans could enjoy seeing them sing and dance. Every solo stage that they performed brought the fans to be histerical. Taemin with his great vocal and dance skill. Minho with his perfect yet sexy body. Jonghyun with his sweet mellody. Key with his powerful funky style and his interaction with Taemin. Onew with his beautiful voice and opera ability.Five slings already prepared for lift them up to the sky. There once when Jonghyun fly and having fireworks on his hands then turn around made a great effect. On Korean lullaby, Taemin, Key, Jonghyun, and Minho appeared on the stage with white surplices and went to a young boy on the center of the stage. Where is Onew? Well all of a sudden Onew appeared with a huge wings and flew to the kid then embraced him. It was a very sweet performances.When Lucifer ended, 'Thank You' appeared on the 3 big screen which made the fans went crazily scream for encore. They screamed, ' SHINee! SHINee!' over and over again til they came out again with a pearl blue tshirt written SHINee World.Next 23rd September, one of SHINee member, The Almighty Key having his birthday. well, all the fans united. On the encore, all the fans held out a red banner written 'Happy Ki's Day' made Key smiled and teared up. Every one sang Happy Birthday to Key and SHINee members were playing with Key too. Onew and Taemin wore a blue blangkon ( Indonesian traditional hat), Jonghyun wore cute cow hat, Key wore cute pink hat with Taemin's name written on that.Key said,' It was so good performing in front of Singapore fans. Do you enjoy it?" Fans quickly answered 'yes'. Minho also said ' I love you Singapore' over and over again.At last but not least, SHINee members went through every corner of the stage and bow their head down and said 'thank you' again and again.Here the pictures.Check it out :)After all, it's was a very happy moment for the SHINee World to enjoy the 1st SHINee World Concert in Singapore. They will do their 1st SHINee World Concert closing back in Japan.This event brought to you by Running In to The Sun and Conceptual.Please do not share the pictures without watermark on other site other than dkpopnews.Thank you.Photos by cynthia @dkpopnews.netarticle by dajeonglee

Check out th performances below!