Baekhyun posts on Instagram for the first time since dating scandal

Baekhyun posts on Instagram for the first time since dating scandal

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It”s been almost 10 months since Taeyeon and Baekhyun were confirmed to be dating back in June 2014. At one point, the couple”s Instagrams were attacked and scrutinized by angry fans, forcing the two idols to step away from their accounts. Although Taeyeon returned to Instagram later in August, Baekhyun continued on his Instagram hiatus, remaining quiet in the world of SNS. That is, until now.
On March 25, Baekhyun took fans by surprise when he finally updated his Instagram with the following picture and caption, “WE ARE ___ #EXO #EXO-L.” 
A photo posted by BaekHyun. (@baekhyunee_exo) on Mar 24, 2015 at 11:33pm PDT
In the picture, Baekhyun can be seen roaming the streets of what is probably Lyon, France, where he shot his teaser video. Fans speculate that the caption hints at the password needed to unlock his teaser pictures on the EXO website. The password is “one,” making Baekhyun”s sentence: “We are one.“
As Baekhyun”s last Instagram update in June 2014 became the most commented Instagram picture among K-Pop idols that year, it”s clear that fans were waiting for this moment. Currently, fans are flocking to Baekhyun”s Instagram picture to comment with their ecstatic love and support.
Welcome back to Instagram, Baekhyun! You have been missed. 
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On the 19th episode of SBS" Wednesday & Thursday drama, "Hyde, Jekyll and I", Robin (Hyeon Bin) and Ha-na (Han Ji-min) made a decision to say farewell to each other while Robin still exists.Robin left a video message to Seo-jin about his wish to disappear as Robin. Ha-na was deeply shocked to realize Robin was losing his memory. She did not know what to do about it but crying.Ha-na asked Robin, "How can you say one week is enough to end all of these". Robin said, "I"ll disappear after a short while. Via ohupic

Fans of MBC Dramanet‘s “City of the Sun” may not get to find out what happens to their favorite characters, as it appears that the drama will have to end much earlier than expected.The show stars Kim Jun of Boys Over Flowers fame, who plays the role of a man who tries to preserve his integrity while working at a corrupt construction agency. It also stars actors Jung Joo Yeon, Song Min Jung, Jung Min, and Kim Sung Kyung.According to a recent media report, some of the members of the cast have been refusing to participate in filming because they haven’t been receiving their pay. Via ohupic

On the March 25th episode of MBC"s Wednesday & Thursday drama, "Angry Mom", it showed what happened in the past between Jo Kang-ja (Kim Hee-seon) and Ahn Dong-chil (Kim Hee-won) through flashback scenes.Jo Kang-ja (Kim Hee-won) and Dong-chil"s younger brother were in relationship in the past. Dong-chil did not like the fact his brother was seeing Kang-ja, who was an Iljin member. And he threatened Kang-ja. Kang-ja aimed a knife at Dong-chil as she was threatened. In-beom was stabbed by the knife accidentally while he was trying to stop the two. Via ohupic
The new Hong Sisters drama has cast both leading roles. And just in case you are not familiar with the great k-dramas these sister-screenwriters created, that"s something to be excited about. Their drama hits include "You"re Beautiful," "The Master"s Sun," "The Greatest Love" and "My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho." Their newest drama is titled "Warm and Cozy."The leading female role has been cast for a while. Kang So Ra, who appeared in "Misaeng," "Doctor Stranger" and "Ugly Alert" signed on early in the casting process.