[ARTICLE] Lee Sung Kyung in “The Queen’s Flower” Attracts Keen Attention for Her Pure Beauty and Nice Figure

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Getting the passing mark for her first leading role in a drama series.Rookie actress LEE SUNG KYUNG has made successful first appearance in her new drama series, in which she plays the leading role for the first time and boasts her pure beauty and slim figure to catch the eyes of viewers.
In MBC TV’s weekend drama series “The Queen’s Flower” (written by Park Hyun-joo, directed by Lee Dae-young and Kim Min-sik) that was aired for the first time on the 14 this month, LEE SUNG KYUNG appeared as “Kang Yi-sol”, a daughter abandoned by her biological mother “Lena Jung” (acted by Kim Sung-ryung). LEE’s natural acting that is not like other rookie actors perfectly showed the character of “Kang Yi-sol”.

In the first episode of the series, famous MC “Lena” receives an award and announces that she retires from her TV show. Then, new-face MC “Yi-sol” is appointed as the new MC of the show. LEE SUNG KYUNG made first appearance in the scene, boasting her slim figure and shining beauty like a Bobby doll, catching the eyes of viewers also with her natural acting.
In the latter part of the first episode, “Yi-sol”’s past life was depicted. She was busy working for part-time jobs such as lunch-box delivery and doing other people’s unwanted blind dates. “Yi-sol”’s free and easy everyday life in Taiwan, busy but lively, well showed LEE’s fresh appeal. “Yi-sol” went to a blind date with “Park Jae-jun” (Yun Park) at the of a woman who was forced to have the date but did not want it, as her part-time job. “Jae-jun” fell in love with “Yi-sol” at first glance, seeing her silky hair and beautiful smile.
Viewers of the drama and Internet users showed favorable responses to LEE SUNG KYUNG’s acting for her first leading role, saying, “LEE SUNG KYUNG now really looks like an actress”, “I really enjoyed seeing her”, “LEE looks really like a BOBBY doll”, “LEE SUNG KYUNG acts is natural, so good to see”, etc.
In drama series “It’s OK, It’s Love” aired last year, LEE SUNG KYUNG appeared as a trouble-maker high-school girl “Oh So-nyeo”, to begin her career as an actress. Now that she is acting for her first-ever leading role, people are expressing high expectations for LEE’s acting in “The Queen’s Flower”.
Meanwhile, MBC TV’s new weekend drama series “The Queen’s Flower” is a human melo-drama that depicts happenings that take place when an ambitious woman comes to meet her daughter who she had abandoned again. Right after its first episode was aired, it drew keen attention among drama fans and took the No.1 on the real-time search word list of search engines.

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