AOA” Seolhyun, wow that figure!

AOA” Seolhyun, wow that figure!

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BUCKAROO jeans provides some eye candy of Seolhyun”s recent photoshoot.
Seolhyun displays the denim fashion in an absolutely perfect manner, flaunting her S-line and flat ABS, she definitely rocks the collection with her 10 points out of 10 figure for jeans.
Check out the video below:
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Actor Song Jae Rim successfully bridal carried Kim So Eun on “We Got Married!”On the March 28 episode of MBC‘s “We Got Married,” Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun celebrate White Day together by making candies. He then gifts her with a mini gift machine.She picks out a ‘hug three times’ coupon from the machine, and is touched when she picked a hair band.Song Jae Rim says, “I’ll do the three hugs for you,” and lifts Kim So Eun up bridal style and down three times. Via ohupic

Jinusean, one of the country"s first ever hip-hop duos, will release a new digital single in April - their first in 11 years.According to YG Entertainment, the duo"s agency, Jinusean are adding their final touches to the upcoming record.Having started out in 1997, Jinusean was the first successful duo produced by YG, which is home to musicians like Big Bang, 2NE1 and Psy.However, after releasing an album in 2004, Jinu and Sean, the two members of the duo, stopped performing until a recent appearance on a special episode of the popular TV show "Infinite Challenge". Via ohupic

Let’s be honest, we don’t talk about our breasts as much as we probably should. We all have things we want to ask about, yet we’re way too embarrassed to do so. Well, this episode of “Get It Beauty” helps bring down those walls a little to get some questions answered! Plus, an expert joins the hosts to demonstrate some special tricks to perk your girls up!Survey A survey of 200 women was done, and it was found that 75 percent were dissatisfied with their breasts. A second poll was done to find out what some of the top concerns were, and the top four came out to:Size (24%) Sagging breasts (24%) The shape (20%) Color and shape of the nipples (11%) Expert Demonstrations Known as the chest expert in Japan, Asai Reika joins the hosts to demonstrate special massages that actually help increase size and correct shape! She does note that the results differ for everyone, but repetition leads to better results. Via ohupic

Red Velvet is on a roll! The just-recently-debuted girl group has put an SBS “Inkigayo” win under their belt, following a win earlier this week on KBS “Music Bank.”The group’s song “Ice Cream Cake” beat out Huh Gak’s “April Snow” and Davichi’s “Two Lovers.” They said, “We’d like to say that SM Entertainment, our families, our fans, and the strength of our fans played the biggest roles in us getting to where we are today.”The performers for the March 29 episode of “Inkigayo” are Girl’s Day Minah, NS Yoon-G, Ga In, K. Via ohupic

Actress Park Shin Hye’s former “Pinocchio” co-star, model-actor Kim Young Kwang gave fans a pleasant surprise by showing up unexpectedly to the actress’s recent fan meeting event.On March 28, Park Shin Hye opened up her fan meeting “Park Shin Hye 2015 Asia Tour – Dream of Angel” at the Shanghai stop and met with Chinese fans.The actress made a lot of memories with fans by presenting them with singing and dancing performances, as well as playing various games with them.During the fan meeting, a gift was prepared especially for the fans, which turned out to be quite a big surprise for not just the crowd, but for Park Shin Hye as well.