Ailee To Release “A’s Doll House”

onto Ailee

Ooh, I’m highly anticipating this!
Ailee is making a return with an upcoming EP (extended-play) titled, A’s Doll House. She’s already released the album cover, which features the 24-year-old in an orange-themed outfit with lips to match, as well as a new nose piercing. The photo captures her eyes and puts emphasis on her features, which are lovely. I love the little crown above the A!
YMC Entertainment described the cover in high spirits, saying:
Ailee’s image on the album cover is both lively and chic, giving off an interesting vibe. The teaser video will give fans a glimpse of her up-coming performance.
So what do you guys think? Are you digging the new stud? I’m a little surprised, but I think she pulls it off very well.
SOURCE: visitkorea
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