Ahn Sohee is joining KeyEast to pursue her career as an actress

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Ahn Sohee 안소희 is joining KeyEast …Ahn Sohee 안소희 , has signed a contract with the company KeyEast.
After leaves the BH Entertainment (decision not to renew its contract) and chose to stay in free agency.
Now she has decided to join KeyEast, one of the agencies focused on the action managed by Bae Yong Joon.
eyEast said: “Ahn Sohee has great potential for growth as an actress and their inherent potential is unlimited. There is more to it than what has shown to the public until now. We will do everything possible to develop their talents and skills to make her a great actress as well as give different showcases for her”.
Meanwhile, the last appearance onscreen of the idol turned actress was “Heart to Heart” of tvN and has been seen on the set of the upcoming movie “Bound in Busan”.