Actress Yoon Son Ha shares photos from the farewell party of 'The Heirs'

<div>Actress Yoon Son Ha shares photos from the farewell party of 'The Heirs'</div>

onto The Heirs

Actress Yoon Son Ha, who plays as Esther Lee, shared photos from the ending party of 'The Heirs' on her blog.
She wrote, "I attended the farewell party of 'The Heirs'. It was difficult to portray a role of a mother of an eighteen-year old daughter because I've never played that before. But I learned many things and I had fun. I met many great people, and it will stay in my memory for a long time. I will always remember this drama in my life time."

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SOURCE: Star News

U-KISS attended the wedding ceremony of their manager Shim Hwa Seok. 

The boys made the ceremony a little lighter with their smile and laughter. 

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SOURCE: @BoKyung_0130 

Lee Jong Suk set aside his publicly-known adorable image for a while, and showed his manlier side.

As he posed for the December issue of “W Korea,” Lee Jong Suk, 25 years old, showcased his oozing masculinity. 

Check out the photos below:

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After dropping their MV teaser on November 18, TASTY is raising fans anticipation for their upcoming 3rd single 'Day 'n Night' by releasing concept images.

Giving off sharp and strong aura, the twins have taken Hongkong streets with their fierce image conveyed through their concept images.TASTY's "Day 'n Night" MV will be released on November 25.

"Sunshine after the rain.. Philippines we are praying for you."
That's what 2PM's Nichkhun latest Twitter post all about. On the photo, he was caught with his earphones on his ear with the sunlight as his background. It was just a simple photo, but Nichkhun thought of something more out of it, and it turned out as a meaningful message.
What happened to the Philippines is a showcase of physical and emotional strength and resilience; an evidence that even countries in bad terms can be united for the common good; a shout out that our nationality is not a hinder to help; a slap to our face that we need to do our fastest way to solve the global warming problem; a proof that no one with nothing who can't give; and lastly a manifestation of faith to the Creator.
Indeed, there's sunshine after the rain and there is healing after all the pains. 
From the Philippines, a thank-you photo for the world:

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IU and Jang Geun Suk transformed into adorable couple for Pretty Man.BTS photos from their poster pictorial for their new drama have been released. In the photos, IU and Jang Geun Suk already proved their chemistry. IU portrays her 4D character wearing cute outfits while Geun Suk effortlessly charms with his perfect gentleman concept.The two excite anticipating fans with their photos wherein Geun Suk is carrying IU and IU sitting on his lap.They also had their 1st script reading. Are you excited?
Check more of their adorable photos below:

Source: Naver 
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SMTOWN Beijing was successfully held on October 19. SM artists like BoA, Zhang Li Yin, TVXQ, Super Junior, SNSD, SHINee, f(x), EXO and more prepared exciting stages and gave their fans a blast.Check some rehearsal photos uploaded by SMTOWN's staffon their Facebook account below:

Source: SMTOWN's Facebook

Definitely, Chad Future and NU'EST's Aron figured out that the both of them should do a project together.Chad Future updated his Instagram with a photo that was shot in a studio. The two posed wearing their most gorgeous smile and fashionable apparel. Chad Future wrote, "In the studio today with the homie @nuestaron! We Got It Figured Out!!!"

 Aron is in Los Angeles, California to do a collaboration with Chad. They are recording and filming an MV for Chad's future album.
Here's another photo of the two from NU'EST official Facebook.

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SOURCE: instagram/chadfuture, 뉴이스트 Nu’est Facebook

SNSD's Taeyeon updated her instagram with three interrelated photos.

The first one was the picture above. It served as a teaser of her new hairstyle, and she captioned it with "Goodbye". Indeed, Taeyeon was successful in getting the curious minds of her supporters. Two asked, "Your hair?" and "Did you cut your hair by yourself??=0". The others wanted to get her hair.

Five hours after the first photo, she uploaded a picture of her in a salon, which answered the question above. 

And today, she posted her new hairstyle. Introducing, Taeyeon with bangs. 

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SOURCE: instagram/taeyeon_ss

JYJ's Jaejoong's parents commemorated their wedding anniversary with a photo shoot.

Family photos

Jaejoong's Line update

"My beloved father~" 

"With my beloved mom~^^"

"Son and sons-in-law hehehehehe"

Jaejoong's Weibo update in Korean and Chinese.

"At family photo shoot~ Men [wore] blue~ Women [wore] pink ~^^Shooting family photos… Men are [in] blue~ Women are [in] pink~^^"

The Kims are not Jaejoong's biological parents, but Jaejoong obviously loves them so much. When he was young, he was given up by adoption to the Kims and his real name, Han Jaejun, was changed to what is now known.

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Kwanghee is certified New Yorker!ZE:A's Kwanghee uploaded series of photo of him on his twitter taken from New York. He wrote, "In New York". Kwanghee looks like a model posing in different angles in different places. The photos were taken as if he's having a photsohoot complete with his different get ups.Check his photos below:

BIG BANG's G-Dragon poses with Lee Ho Jung for BSX 2013 F/W.

BSX 2013 F/W released new photos featuring the leader of idol group Big Bang, G-Dragon and South Korean figure skater, Lee Ho Jung. Both of them are looking fierce by displaying a strong gaze. G-Dragon also shows his sweet smile in some of the photos.

Check out the pictures below.

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