4Minute Sohyun Takes on the Challenge of Her First Movie Role in 'Hwanggu'

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4Minute member Sohyun has been confirmed for her big screen debut.
Sohyun, it was revealed today, has been cast in the upcoming movie Hwanggu.
Hwanggu, or 'Yellow Dog,' follows the story of a young man with multi-cultural parents who tries out for the national Tae Kwon Do team.Like Us on Facebook :
Sohyun will play the role of Mi Soo, the athlete's extremely supportive girlfriend. Mi Soo is a university student with a big heart - she is delights in doing charity work and speaks out against injustice at every turn.
"This is my first time being on my own," Sohyun commented about her new acting role. "My heart is full of excitement to appear on screen in such a good production."
Hwanggu already has some media buzz surrounding it, not only because it will mark Sohyun's first movie role, but because of the underlying themes of racism and multiculturalism, which have been hot topics in South Korea for the past several years as the nation continues to globalize and diversify.
The 4Minute singer added, "As this is a very meaningful production, I will do my best so that viewers will be able to watch it warmly."
Filming for Hwanggu is scheduled to begin on October 28 and the movie is expected to hit theaters in the spring.