2PM Rapper Taecyeon Shares His Feelings About Getting Married At A Press Event For The New Film 'Marriage Blue'

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Rapper Ok Taecyeon of K-pop boy band 2PM claims if he had been dating a girl for seven years like his character in the upcoming film "Marriage Blue," he would be popping the big question.
At a press conference on Tuesday for the film, scheduled for release on November 21, Taecyeon and co-star Lee Yeon Hee discussed their thoughts about marriage and what they hope their future spouses will be like.
"It might be too early to think about marriage right now, but it's also an age when we should be thinking about marriage a lot," Taecyeon told the publication eNEWS.Like Us on Facebook :
"If I had a girlfriend who I had been dating for seven years, I would marry her."
When asked what important qualities he would look for in a spouse, the 24-year-old rapper-turned-actor pointed to "eating habits."
"I really love food and I eat a lot of food," Taecyeon said. "I'm not picky whether it's Korean, Western, Chinese, or whatever. So I hope my future wife will have the same eating habits as me."
Lee Yeon Hee admitted to not having thought having given the subject of matrimony much thought.
"I haven't really thought sincerely about marriage yet," said Lee Yeon Hee. "I'm curious to who my future spouse will be."
The 25-year-old actress says that it's important that her husband shares her strong religious views.
"I hope he's a devoted Christian who I can go to church with," Lee said. "Of course, the heart is also very important. I hope we can match well."
She admitted her need to do some research in order to get into the mindset of a young woman who had been in such a long relationship.
"I've never dated for seven years, so I had to ask people around me and they just said their relationship is very comfortable like they're just friends," Lee said.
The plot of "Marriage Blue" revolves around the love life of eight central characters, according to the website AsianWiki.
Lee plays So Mi, a nail artist and longtime girlfriend to Taecyeon's character, a chef named Won Cheol. The plot thickens when So Mi meets a webcomic writer Kyung Soo just a short time before the couple is supposed to be wed.
The cast also includes actors Kim Kang Woo and Kim Hyo Jin.