2AM Im Seulong's House Exposed 'Fridge for Clothes?'

onto 2AM

2AM member Im Seulong's house has been exposed for his fans to see.
October 21, Im Seulong of the idol group 2AM appeared on an episode of the XTM TV show "Homme 5.0" along with 4Minute's Huh Gayoon and Kim Won Joong.
They make a visit to Im Seulong's house where they find an extravagant closet that reminds you of a clothing store. Starting from the entrance, countless shoes are lined up and there is nothing wrinkled or messy.Like Us on Facebook :
Another thing that drew attention was his fridge for his clothes.
People in the online community who saw Im Seulong's house responded with comments like, "Im Seulong's house is crazy", "Im Seulong's house is exposed! It's so organized!" and "No wonder it was exposed. He's so neat."