2AM’s Seulong and Jinwoon Offer Words of Comfort to Fans

onto 2AM

2AM members Seulong and Jinwoon each comforted their fans on their official fan café.
On March 26, Seulong wrote on the official 2AM fan café, “It was very chaotic today, wasn’t it. We already knew what I AMs would be going through today but even we were very upset and tired.”
He added, “We contemplated a lot and once we look at things further down the road, we think we found ways for all of us to be happier, if only by a little. Really, the reason why this isn’t sinking in for us is because the four of us are so close and even in this situation, we’re sharing so much and we’re caring for each other so we can all live good lives.
Seulong emphasized that 2AM is not disbanding, saying, “I saw you worrying about something. I have no plans to let go of music, so don’t worry.”
Jinwoon also offered words of comfort on the café, saying, “2AM is definitely not going to disband. Please don’t be sad or be worried because we’re separating. We’re in the process of working hard so that we can make even happier and better memories.” He then said, “We’ve gone through so much and overcome it all, and it’s difficult if you’re sad over this. So let’s all cheer up and look forward to our second act.”
Meanwhile, it was revealed that Seulong will be joining Sidus HQ and Jinwoon is negotiating with Mystic89 Entertainment after their contracts with JYP Entertainment expired.