17 Times G-Dragon Lived His Easiest Life

17 Times G-Dragon Lived His Easiest Life

onto G-Dragon

Let’s celebrate G-Dragon’s 6 million Instagram lovers together! Here’s one of the ones evidence that GD is your last #lifegoals reference.
First, there used to be the time Marc Jacobs celebrated BIGBANG‘s comeback via gifting a $3,800 wonderful Trooper bag with a culture gold “MADE for G-DRAGON” tag:

And Saint Laurent gave thank you to GD with this $1,990 leather duffle bag.

There turned into the time Monsieur G-Dragon was once officially a section of Chanel’s “private circle” for their casino-themed couture demonstrate screen in Paris:

(Instagram: dita_tita)
And because Chanel truly loves him, they talented him a $3,400 canvas graffiti backpack:

And the ones $7,200 quilted headphones.

There was once also the time he just sought after to cool in his maximum efficient notch seat, so he busted out the rainbow sequin pants:

And Instagrammed a single-journey price ticket to ride the Seoul subway. You know, to commemorate that one time G-Dragon took public transit… and it grew to turn into out to be to shoot a scene in the “We Like 2 Party” music video that were given 26 million perspectives on YouTube: #hesnothingliketherestofus

Because we know that, normally, GD has opposite direction of transportation to get circular the city… comparable to this $489,000 matte black Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4.

There was once the 63-year-old $2,000 scotch that he enjoyed:

But what’s a 53-year-old scotch when you’ve were given the maximum special antique of Dom? #1988

Then there was once that time the chefs on “Please deal with My Refrigerator” went thru G-Dragon’s groceries and found out caviar, truffles, and foie gras. And G-Dragon explained that hey, caviar and desserts just make the absolute maximum efficient toppings for eggs and pancakes:

And recently, like right kind now, G-Dragon is collaborating with Giuseppe Zanotti to unlock two pairs of shoes. The shoes are unisex, because GD is FOR THE FUTURE and getting rid of antiquated notions of gender-based the entirety — phase his clothes are from the women’s collections anyway!

And we can’t overlook that Thom Browne sends G-Dragon his whole series each and every season (because he looks really good in it, and it makes your entire world want to shop for it).

Obviously, one running theme here is that G-Dragon gets loose stuff. Way too much to mention all of it. yet there was once the time Giyongchy thanked Givenchy for the free Seventeen watch:

But preferred to wear a $27,000 diamond Chanel Boy Friend watch… which hadn’t even been released for sale at the time he wore it.

There was once the time BIGBANG posed for taste Korea, and of course, G-Dragon was once the one genuine in the $30,000 Saint Laurent fuchsia mink coat.

And finally, there was once the time that G-Dragon made the Alternate of style 500 list. Why is this even a wide deal? because the BoF500 list isn’t some flashy compilation of beautiful celebrities. It’s a list that’s made from the real influencers in kind — relatively a couple of models, actors, and designers, but also the producers, investors, and editors that you don’t every so often listen about, but who dictate what’s happening behind the scenes. each and every K-pop fan already knows that GD is an influencer — and now the foreign fashion industry agrees.

In short, it’s G-Dragon’s foreign and we’re just living in it.