“Infinity Challenge”: Male K-Pop Idol Version

“Infinity Challenge”: Male K-Pop Idol Version

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“Infinity Challenge,” the representative Korean variety show currently airing, comes with an impressive history. (This year they celebrate their 10-year anniversary!) Its members are undoubtedly famous and nationally known. Of course, with 10 years of history, there have been member changes throughout time. Currently, there are five active members, but last week’s episode’s “challenge” was to find the sixth man – a permanent new member to the “Infinity Challenge” team. In honor of the current members of “Infinity Challenge” who have lasted an impressive amount of time, I present the following question and my potential candidates.

Who would be in the K-pop male idol version of the “Infinity Challenge” team?
Yoo Jae Suk = Eric Nam

Let’s be real: this is a tough spot to fill. Yoo Jae Suk is the national MC for a reason. He’s classy but funny, able to be serious and childish, and most importantly read the situation perfectly and know exactly when and how to act accordingly. He’s arguably the best talker on Korean TV, eloquent and entertaining without fail. So which idol could possibly fill this act and lead this group to 10 years of success? My best bet: Eric Nam. (Sidenote: Is Eric considered an “idol”? We’ll just say yes for the sake of this team.) Eric Nam is the best MC I’ve seen his age. He’s eloquent (in two languages!), mature, funny and serious according to the situation, and ambitious. He’s also known to be polite, kind-hearted, and well-mannered, traits Yoo Jae Suk is also famous for. He made headlines for leading a flawless interview with Paris Hilton. Most importantly, he does his job naturally, unlike the many male idol MC’s who struggle their way through simple cue cards with an air of artificiality that only veterans can overcome. Eric Nam for Yoo Jae Suk 2.0.
Park Myung Soo = Infinite’s Kim Sunggyu

These two are a match made in heaven. They have the same image going on – the elderly, sickly, bitter-towards-life type of image. Park Myung Soo became famous because of his outbursts of anger, his blunt honesty, and constantly being picked on by his fellow members. Infinite‘s Kim Sunggyu has literally established all of these in his many variety show appearances, especially “Weekly Idol” where his members take the opportunity to tease him relentlessly. Add onto that both of their (very) public desires for fame and the humorous conceitedness that comes with their already established fame, and I couldn’t think of anyone else to do Park Myung Soo’s job.
HaHa = ZE:A’s Kwanghee

If there’s a list with “variety” and “idol” in it, you’re sure to see Z:EA‘s Kwanghee on the list. Kwanghee has been revolutionary in the variety scene for idol stars, blazing the path with his ridiculous energy and captivating talking. In fact, he’s even being considered as the sixth man for the real “Infinity Challenge” team. So, whose spot would he fit the best? My conclusion is HaHa. HaHa is also everywhere, always energetic, talkative, extremely childish, and very entertaining. If Kwanghee actually ended up as the sixth man on “Infinity Challenge,” he would be best friends with HaHa. (We can all see it.) That’s because he basically could be HaHa.
Jung Hyung Don = BIGBANG’s Daesung

At one point in his career, Big Bang‘s Daesung was huge in the variety show field. He’s naturally charming, funny and silly with anyone he interacts with, regardless of who it is. (Remember “Family Outing“? #throwback) Jung Hyung Don, as one of the MCs for “Weekly Idol,” exhibits the same types of personality characteristics. They’re both entertaining, yes, but at the core, they’re both just silly. Just plain, down right silly. In the best way possible, of course. I can’t think of a better word to describe the both of them.
Jung Joon Ha = Super Junior’s Shindong

No, I did not choose Super Junior‘s Shindong because of his similarity to Jung Joon Ha in body shape. (Although, I must admit that the first factor I took into account when choosing members was definitely physical. So maybe I’m slightly guilty.) I chose Shindong because his humor very closely resembles Jung Joon Ha’s. Jung Joon Ha likes “old style” jokes – “punny,” cheesy, and subtly hilarious. He’s only rarely in your face, and his humor comes from his being, not from his effort. Shindong hasn’t been on a variety show for quite some time, but from what I remember, his humor is reminiscent of Jung Joon Ha’s subtle humor. At the same time, they both know how to be actively funny with both their body and words, they both have MC abilities, and they both… love to eat. (Okay, guilty.)
Sixth Man = GOT7′s Jackson

Just like everyone else who has been watching “Roommate” or any other show he’s been on, I have fallen for GOT7‘s Jackson‘s eccentric, 4-dimensional charms. Because “Infinity Challenge” members are all veterans and very mature (despite their TV personalities), I tried to stay away from rookies for this list. However, I must give Jackson a spot as the sixth man of the K-pop male idol version of the “Infinity Challenge” team. He’s funny; he’s heart warming; he’s lively, energetic, and undoubtedly lovable. Plus, he’s not afraid to be himself, which is an essential criterion for being a member of a show like “Infinity Challenge.” (Besides, what would an idol show be without the 4D member?)
There it is. My best thought out “Infinity Challenge” team: male K-pop idol version. Can you think of a better combination, or a better member for a certain role? Let us know in the comments below!
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