‘Goddess of Fire’ Actor Lee Kwang Soo Comments ‘Honor to Work with You’

onto Goddess of Fire Jung Yi

Actor Lee Kwang Soo revealed his feelings of working with MBC drama "Goddess of Fire" actors, staff, and viewers as the show comes to an end.
On October 22nd, a video of Lee Kwang Soo was uploaded onto the official homepage of "Goddess of Fire Jung Yi." In the 'actor's goodbye message' video, he stated, "It was an honor to have worked with you all."
Lee Kwang Soo said, "'It seems like 'Goddess of Fire' just started, but it's already coming to an end," and "There are so many aspects that were lacking, but I'm most grateful to have met and worked with such great people."Like Us on Facebook :
He then proceeded to name each one of the actors and relayed a thank you message by saying, "I'm thankful to all the staff members, without an exception, and it was my pleasure to have worked with you all."
He ended the message by saying, "Thank you to all the viewers who have loved 'Goddess of Fire.' Be careful not to catch a cold this season."
Photo credit: "Goddess of Fire, Jung Yi" Actors' Goodbye Message screen capture