Kudos Points

What are Kudos Points?

Kpop1 wants to reward our users for their contribution to the website as well as to the Kpop community! Users can earn Kudos Points for their activities on Kpop1 and redeem them for stickers and gifts!

Here's the break down of how many points you get:

- 20 welcome Kudos Points for signing-up - 10 Kudos Points for when a friend you have invited signs up on Kpop1 - 2 Kudos Points for submitting a new post - 1 Kudos Point for commenting - 2 Kudos Points for re-posting on your other social networks


You also get ranked depending on how many points you have earned!

Here are the Rank Titles:

1- 299: Trainee 300 - 699: Ready for Debut 700 - 1000: Rookie 1000 - 1499: Idol 1500+: Hallyu Star