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C. Because of the social nature of Content shared through our Services, when you Post something publicly on our Website, others may choose to add descriptive commentary and tags to your Content and/or to Repost your Content, making your Content part of a social conversation that cannot later be erased without retroactively censoring the speech of others and/or removing Content from another user’s profile. As such, and in order to maintain the integrity of the Services, you agree that Kpop1’s rights under the User Content License will continue to survive in perpetuity even if you stop using the Services or your account is otherwise terminated.

D. Upon termination of your Account or upon your deletion of any Content from the Services, Kpop1 shall make reasonable efforts to disassociate such Content from your User Account; however, you acknowledge and agree that: (a) caching of, copies of, or references to such Content may not be immediately removed; (b) such removed Content may persist in backups for a reasonable period of time; and (c) such removed Content may continue to be publicly available (and stored on our or third party servers) through the accounts of other users, if the same has been Reposted.